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Yami Aloelela’s new show, based in his latest álbum, “Casa” (“Home”), is the culmination of a very rich journey – in Portuguese and world music – and with a strong authorial brand, wether in his solo work or while a companion of other great musicians and singers. With numerous collaborations and partnerships of enormous prestigious, in concert and live, in his curriculum – Carlos do Carmo, Mariza, Paulo de Carvalho, Ivan Lins, Sara Tavares, Anna Maria Jopek, Demis Roussos, Rahani Krijna, Munir Hossn… -, Yami Aloelela solo albums “Aloelela” (2009) and “Beijo de Luz” (2016), in addition to several EPs and singles.

From 1 to 23 December 2016, Yami Aloelela made a jeep trip from south to north of Angola, the country in wich he was born. Accompanied by his older brother, the journey began in the Namib Desert and would only end – more than five thousand kilometers later – in Uíge. It was there that his new álbum began to be born: “Casa”, wich is already available on all digital platforms and has as singles and videos  “Se o Mundo Acabar Amanhã” and “Anju”.

Yami’s father is Portuguese from Braga and his mother is Angolan from Uige. Yami was born in Luanda but came to Lisbon when he was only six years old. Thus, Yami’s most vivid memories continue being of the capital of Angola, given that he didn’t have any memories of that immense African country. Therefore, this journey fulfilled an ‘inner absence’ and satisfied Yami’s long desire of knowing his birth country better. Nevertheless, through his music, Yami has always convincingly transported his listeners to his hybrid condition of belonging to two cultures (and to many others he has come into contact with throughout his life). But during his journey Yami felt something very different transpire: the silence and beauty of the Namib Desert, the smell of the acacia trees, the mature mangos in Benguela, the musicality of the birds, the sound of the wind bouncing off the trees brought him back home. An unknown home that he has always felt as his own after all.

Back in Lisbon, Yami holed up in his house – where he lives with his wife and their children – and for almost two months he composed the music and wrote the lyrics for his third album, ‘Casa’. Fully inspired by Yami’s journey, the making of ‘Casa’ has been enlightened by the sun and cherished by the warmth of his memories about Angola. Months later, the album was recorded by Yami (who, in addition to producing and singing in the album, has also played acoustic guitar and bass) with the help of an exceptional cast of musicians: Gonqalo Sousa (harmonica), Tiago Oliveira (electric guitar), Vicky Marques (drums), Marito Marques (percussion), Phillipe Ferreira (acoustic guitar), Carlos Lopes (ukulele) and lüri Oliveira (percussion).


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