Stereossauro, who along with Dj Ride forms the Beatbombers duo, released their latest álbum, “Bairro da Ponte”, on February 1st (Valentim de Carvalho), where he combines tradition and modernity, with a cross between fado, Portuguese guitar and electronics with various Pop to Hip Hop guests, from Fado to Rock. The performance concert was held at Lux, Lisbon, and has been presented throughout the country during 2019.

Bairro da Ponte – The new voice of the old city

Welcome to the Bairro da Ponte (Bridge’s District). Here is celebrated the exclusive collection of the voice of Amália Rodrigues and the Portuguese guitar of Carlos Paredes, rediscovered by Stereossauro and shared with two full hands of guest artists. But if you’re hoping to find a fado neighborhood, you couldn’t be more lost. In the corner bar the roots of Portuguese music sing to the sound of hip hop and there is never silence. It is in a stray rehearsed that the Portuguese guitar joins the rock with an electronic beat.

A neighborhood full of artists, where 19 songs make vanish the distance of style and age. Songs to be heard at cruising speed, without hurrying or whistling. “Bairro da Ponte” is not just an album. It is the new voice of an old city that asks to be heard.

Album Guests: Carlos do Carmo, Gisela João, Dj Ride, Slow J, Plutónio, Papillon, Camané, The Legendary Tigerman, Rui Reininho, Capicua, Ace, NBC, Holly, Nerve, Paulo de Carvalho, Dino D’Santiago, Razat, Ana Moura, Ricardo Gordo and Mr. Black. Use of authorized samples from Amália Rodrigues, Carlos Paredes and others.




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