Professor Jorge


A Very Different Lesson 

Professor Jorge – a.k.a. Jorge Courela – has been spreading magic in the “”little world”” for 25 years. He is a musical educator, teacher, singer, composer and author of children’s books “Capitão Miau-Miau” (“Captain Meow Meow”) and “Zé Maria Catatua” (“Joe Mary Cockatoo”), which gave birth to a musical play presented at Malaposta and a Book-CD, “As Canções do Professor Jorge,  Vol. I”. His love for music was allied to his passion for educating and for creating a cultural program for children, thus giving birth to the Professor who, in a playful and illustrative way, introduces good practices and refers to the important days of our calendar.

In December 2018, Professor Jorge released digitally and in Book-CD a new album that is now being presented live, “O Circo do Unicórnio” (“The Circus of the Unicorn”). A record (and book) that is thus defined: “”An authentic carousel. In it, flowers of menthol, vanilla sunflowers, elephants windbreakers, trapeze giraffes, an oracle, hideous spiders, absolute love turned into a tree, beings that eat clouds, make beds of stars and of the dark night a sheet – all this  and much, much more.




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