Katia Guerreiro: “José Mário Branco was my ‘little master’”

“Katia Guerreiro has her album “Sempre” been chosen by French critic Patrick Labesse as one of the top five albums of the year. “Sovereign and intense voice, Katia Guerreiro also carries a memory, that of traditional fado. Notwithstanding this, contemporary poetry and the pleasure of touring, as evidenced by her brilliant ‘Sempre’”. “(DN)

Katia Guerreiro: “José Mário Branco was my ‘little master’”

“During the concert, Katia told untold stories about the relationship between the composer and the singer. “This song, ‘Vem’, will be sung for the first time. I wrote it when I was pregnant with my son and the music is by José Mário Banco”, she assumed with a choked voice.

The singer saw an audience thrilled with the presentation of a video that showed images of the singer in the studio with José Mário Branco and in which it was clearly visible the complicity that existed between the two. “I am honored to have chosen me as your daughter of fado. I feel very privileged for that”, she confessed.” (Agência Informação do Norte

Katia Guerreiro - Coliseu do Porto

”Katia Guerreiro did a beautiful tribute to her master (José Mário Branco), the improbability of the relationship they created and the creative and transformative force of this relationship, the only thing that counts.” (DN)

Katia Guerreiro - Coliseu do Porto

“Katia Guerreiro’s latest album is inevitably called “Sempre” (“Always” (…) Is the 10th album by Katia Guerreiro. Unanimously recognized as one of the most important fadistas of the new millennium, she is, above all, an ambassador of fado and of Portugal in the most varied international cultural circles ” (Antena1)

Pedro Moutinho - Casa da Música

“After the release of “Força do Mar ”, the 2nd single of “Um Fado ao Contrário” (…) is back in one of the rooms that best welcomed him and where he liked to sing the most: the Casa da Música, in Oporto , October 26th.” (Glam Magazine).

Helder Moutinho - Bons Sons

“Helder Moutinho seemed like the risky bet of the second day of the festival. (…) Helder Moutinho paying the most beautiful tribute to traditional fado. (..) A huge respect of the public in what was surely one of the most beautiful concerts of all the Bons Sons editions. ” (Linda Formiga in Comunidade Cultura e Arte).

Jorge Fernando - Santa Casa Alfama

“It was up to Jorge Fernando to open the performances of the second day of Santa Casa Alfama (..) A late afternoon show, with strong public support and with Jorge Fernando showing the qualities that make him a unique case in Portuguese music, with extraordinary career of 40 years. Who is king never loses his majesty! ”(Rui Lavrador, Infocul)

Yami Aloelela - Viva a Música

“From December 1 to 23, 2016, Portuguese-Angolan singer, songwriter, producer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Yami Aolelela took a jeep trip from south to north of Angola, the country where he was born. (…) And it was the biggest touchstone and inspiration for his new album, “Casa”. (Nuno Morais, Antena1)

Isabel Mesquita - Edição de “Ilhéu”

“The Portuguese singer – but with music opened to the world – Isabel Mesquita publishes her first solo album,“ Ilhéu ”, through MWF – Music Without Frontiers. His debut album is produced by the prestigious Portuguese-Angolan musician and singer Yami Aloelela and shows her art, born in Santa Maria Island (Azores) (…) ” (Nuno Morais, Antena 1)

Helder Moutinho - Macao Chinese Orchestra

“Concert ‘Traditional Chinese Stringed and Fado Instruments’, with the participation of the singer Helder Moutinho, to be held at the Macao Cultural Center – Grand Auditorium at 8 pm, highlighting the cultural and artistic exchange between China and Portugal, and reflecting the unique charm of the harmonious integration of Chinese and Portuguese cultures.” (Portal do Governo da ERA de Macau)

Mafalda Arnauth - Fado Funchal

“The 2nd edition of Fado Funchal – an event of the Funchal City Council, in partnership with the Madeira Fado Association (…) Mafalda Arnauth with ConcentusPerTempora-Ensemble, a moment to hear what is considered one of the unavoidable voices of ‘new fado’.” (Diário de Notícias Madeira)

Paula Oliveira - Concert at the Saramago Foundation

“On June 18, at 6.30 pm, when nine years have passed since the death of José Saramago, we will remember him with the show “Possible Songs for Possible Poems” (Note: Now, “Flores de Saramago”/”Saramago Flowers”), by Paula Oliveira. In this concert, the performer transports to the musical universe, through compositions of her own, “The Possible Poems”, work of the Portuguese writer and Nobel Prize.” (Fundação José Saramago)

Jorge Fernando - Paris Fado Festival

“The Paris Fado Festival will take two days of Portuguese and Fado culture to the French capital, with concerts in the Trianon room. On Sunday, there will be a meeting of «three generations of fado»: Jorge Fernando, fado singer and composer, will join the fado singers Luísa Rocha and Mara Pedro for an afternoon that aims to show the diversity of traditional Portuguese song.” (Rita Aleixo, Volta ao Mundo)

Katia Guerreiro - Concert at Trianon - Paris

“Sempre” confirms and broadens what we already knew: In addition to having one of the most beautiful voices of today’s fado, Katia Guerreiro has a true vision of fado, linked to her roots and sensitive to her evolution, to those in which she participates with her talent (it is also true that, for her, having a vision is easier, because she is also an ophthalmologist ” (LusoJornal)

Katia Guerreiro - Zagreb Concert

“Bravo to Katia Guerreiro! Bravo also to the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and Conductor Dario Salvi for the brilliant concert in the Lisinski Room. Our fadista has conquered and thrilled a very participative, knowledgeable and demanding public to which she left a feeling that only fully expresses itself in a word that only exists in Portuguese: “Saudade” .(Embaixada de Portugal na Croácia)

Pedro Moutinho - São Luiz Concert

“The culmination of a journey that began in the 1990s on the training circuit of the best fado houses in Lisbon, Pedro Moutinho arrives on this seventh album – with classic fados and new songs created for his voice by (current) composers and / or poets – , “Um fado ao Contrário”, in the peak of his voice, his artistic maturity and his very personal way of being a fadista.” (Nuno Morais, Antena1)

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