Mafalda Arnauth


The Fado, Always the Fado

Her passion for music ies revealed, in Mafalda Arnauth, at very young age, never having, nevertheless, aspired to be an artist. In spite of that, the world of the showbiz ends up conquering her still in the college, in the 5º year of Veterinary.

By mere chance, Mafalda Arnauth finds herself suddenly transported to the world of stages, rehearsals and fado houses, where she is allowed to grow artistically with the applauses, appreciation of the public and self-discovery through singing.

Mafalda Arnauth evolves in courage, in claw, in love for art and in the awareness of the artist’s greatest obligation: to be absolutely generous with your audience. This is reflected in her repertoire and in her onstage presence, with the force of a maturity made of experience, showing her emotions in a visible, uninhibited and conscious and unique way.

Mafalda Arnauth is, undoubtedly, an iconic voice of Fado and in Portuguese Music.


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