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Helder Moutinho is one of the most charismatic and genuine fado singers of the present time.

Singer and songwriter, Helder Moutinho is an expert in the secrets, codes and mysteries of the Fado, has more than twenty years of a career dedicated to the inheritance he received from his family and the great masters who crossed paths in his life; he’s a cult fado singer. An inheritance that caresses, preserves and amplifies to an increasingly contemporary fado. In “Escrito no Destino” (“Written in Destiny”), the new show, he sings love and nostalgia, past and future, life and travel – musical, poetic, metaphorical, temporal, geographic travels… The stories that have been made and remade his destiny to sing to Fado.

After some albums in which he devoted himself, in his overwhelming majority, to the interpretation of traditional fados with his founding poems or with new poems (some of his own), to which always some original compositions were added – Helder Moutinho came in 2013 with the album “1987” that affirms itself as one of the most important fadistas of the new century. In 2016 he released “O Manual do Coração” (“The Manual of the Heart”), in which all the poems are signed by João Monge – one of the most consecrated Portuguese poets – and the music is also in charge of some of the most important Portuguese composers: Mário Laginha, Vitorino, João Gil, Zeca Medeiros, Manuel Paulo, Marco Oliveira, Pedro da Silva Martins or Ricardo Parreira. An album unanimously praised by lovers of fado and specialized press, which guesses in many of these new fados … future traditional fados. Which is another way of saying: inheritance received, inheritance (re)transmitted.

Born in Oeiras, within a family where Fado was, is and will ever be present – great-grandson, son and brother of fadistas -, Helder Moutinho soon came in contact with the greatest songs and Fado poems. And soon he was thrilled by those words that he heard, by the enigmas and constant mutation that lived within that beautiful, mysterious and profound music.

It was there, where the river Tagus meets the Atlantic, that Helder Moutinho soon began to write poems to Fado. And it was there, already in his teenage years, the great revelation was made: while singing one of his poems to the late, great fadista Beatriz da Conceição, she asked: “Does the boy also sing?…

And sing, he does. And never stopped since then. In the beginning of the 90’s, Helder Moutinho spearheaded the vanguard that contributed decisively for the resurgence and rebirth of Fado. He made the circuit of Fado houses, where he avidly drank and absorbed all the teachings transmitted to him by Beatriz da Conceição, Celeste Rodrigues, Fernando Maurício, Argentina Santos or António Rocha. Teachings that are part of this heritage (intangible and priceless) that he carries with him, all the time. Only after those lessons and nights at Fado houses came the albums and the concerts, poems written and music composed, in a personal growth process and constant evolution.

While preparing the edition of a new album for the beginning of 2020, the new show of Helder Moutinho could only be called … “Escrito no Destino” (“Written in Destiny”).

The word Fado is, as we know, descendant from the Latin term “fatum”, which means destiny. Destiny regarded as luck, future, fatality, fortune, fate … But also as a course, direction, path and creation, will and utopia. Destiny can be carved in lines drawn in hands or in the stars, but it can also be made, remade, invented and reinvented at any moment by each and every one of us, agents of (our own) destiny. Destiny cannot be written – it is, in fact, a blank book or ledger, in which we choose to write it – but it can be sang.

Helder Moutinho is a fadista that had Fado as his destiny, but he has also written, so many times, which is the Destiny he wants for (his) Fado.

In “Escrito no Destino” (“Written in Destiny”), the new live show, Helder sings of love and saudade, the past, future, life and its travels – musical, poetic, metaphoric, temporal, geographic… The histories that have made, (re)made and (un)made his Destiny to sing to Fado…

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