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MWF – Music Without Frontiers was born in early 2019, as a result of the combination of wishes of Helder Moutinho and Filipe Pereira and the merger of their previous companies, HM Música and Apanagio, respectively.

Aimed for the production of major concerts and festivals, record publishing, audio and video creation, agency, booking, management, communication and promotion of events, artists and musical groups, MWF is led by two professionals with different characteristics, but who complete each other in its artistic objectives and its very own approach to the artistic, musical and cultural universes of the projects that they embraces with passion, complicity, versatility and professional ethics.

Over more than twenty years, Helder Moutinho – he’s also a fado singer, poet and composer – contributed decisively to the revitalization, resurgence and recreation of Fado, as a major art form and maximum expression of being from Lisbon, with many of the events and festivals that have marked this city (and not only) during the last twenty years: the programming and / or production of Há Fado no Cais (CCB), Festa do Fado (São Jorge Castle), Sou do Fado / Lisboa na Rua, O Fado e O Mar (Vila Real de Sto. António), Zamora Fado Festival (Spain), among many others, which had their proto-history at the opening of the Mesa de Frades in 2003; nights at Chapitô in the Castle; the evenings at Bela Vinhos e Petiscos, also at Mouraria; Saturdays spent at Fábrica de Braço de Prata; until the most recent recovery of the mythical Casa da Severa in Rua do Capelão where, at invitation of CML and the Fado Museum, Maria da Mouraria was born, finally his own Fado house.

Through his HM Música (founded in 1997), Helder Moutinho published dozens of albums by Portuguese and international artists: Joana Amendoeira, Marco Oliveira, Yami Aloelela, Ricardo Parreira, Nancy Vieira, Pedro Jóia, Jacinta or Ritinha Lobo… and contributed activily for the beginning of the career of countless artists, throwing names like Mafalda Arnauth, Raquel Tavares, Amor Electro or Gisela João to stardom.

In turn, Filipe Pereira – only 23 years old – is the breath of fresh air, generating new ideas and daring solutions, for the realization of the goals of a company facing the future, for the possibilities given by new technologies and for a accurate vision of what our artists need in terms of marketing, communication and dissemination. Graduated from the best school of arts and communication in our country, since his adolescence, Filipe Pereira has dedicated himself to the creation of new companies and to the development of his skills as a producer and director of videos, inventor of innovative digital platforms, photographer, designer and – already within the scope of MWF – producer of concerts, festivals and other events.

In addition to Helder Moutinho and Filipe Pereira, the MWF team includes Célia Costa (producer, road manager and stage manager with over thirty years of experience in the music and television industry), António Pires (journalist, also with more than three decades of activity) and Carolina Pinheiro (responsible for the content of our digital media and the dissemination of our activities).

In 2019, many of our artists – Katia Guerreiro, Jorge Fernando, Helder Moutinho, Yami Aloelela, Pedro Moutinho and Isabel Mesquita – had albums published and / or music videos made and / or major concerts produced by us.

And in 2020, MWF – Music Without Frontiers is proud to represent the following artists, groups and projects: DEUSA, Helder Moutinho, Jorge Fernando, Katia Guerreiro, Mafalda Arnauth, Paula Oliveira, Pedro Moutinho, Pensão Flor, Professor Jorge, Ricardo Parreira, Stereossauro and Yami Aloelela


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