Le Monde chooses Katia Guerreiro's álbum ”Sempre”

“Katia Guerreiro has her album “Sempre” been chosen by French critic Patrick Labesse as one of the top five albums of the year. “Sovereign and intense voice, Katia Guerreiro also carries a memory, that of traditional fado. Notwithstanding this, contemporary poetry and the pleasure of touring, as evidenced by her brilliant ‘Sempre’”. (DN)

Katia Guerreiro: “José Mário Branco was my ‘little master’”

“During the concert, Katia told untold stories about the relationship between the composer and the singer. “This song, ‘Vem’, will be sung for the first time. I wrote it when I was pregnant with my son and the music is by José Mário Banco”, she assumed with a choked voice.

The singer saw an audience thrilled with the presentation of a video that showed images of the singer in the studio with José Mário Branco and in which it was clearly visible the complicity that existed between the two. “I am honored to have chosen me as your daughter of fado. I feel very privileged for that”, she confessed.” (Agência Informação do Norte

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